Cubase 5: How to Set Up a Reverb Send Effect

March 12, 2012

This tutorial will explain how to set up a send effect in Cubase 5 using a stereo FX track.  Send Effects are useful when you want to use the same effect on multiple tracks or to control the wet/dry levels of an effect.

I have started off the project with one mono Audio Track.

First we’ll need to create a stereo FX track to put the Reverb in.

Go To Project>Add Track>FX Channel on the Menu

The menu above will appear.  Select the Roomworks Reverb Effect and change the configuration to Stereo and hit OK

The Roomworks  screen will appear.

Next, hit the F3 key to bring up the Mixer Window.

Open the edit window for the mono audio track by pressing the Edit Audio Channel Settings button on the channel strip for the audio track.

On the right we see the sends column.

Click in the top column box to bring up a list of active FX tracks and select the Roomworks effect.   Then activate the effect by clicking the power button above it called “Activate Send 1”

The send effect is now set up and active, all we have to do is adjust how much of the signal from the Audio 01 Track we want to send through the Reverb FX Track.

You can adjust this by either clicking and typing or by dragging the thin blue bar below the words FX-1 Roomworks.

Hit the Space Bar to play the track and adjust the send level to taste.

Now you can adjust the Reverb settings in the Roomworks window to taste and easily adjust the amount of effect on the track.

Congratulations… you have just set up a Reverb as a send effect in Cubase 5.




  1. Plz! Help me,when i was creat the fx and i insert the plugin ln so, what is surprise me ls that, it did not has wet and dry button.help me on how to do it

    • On the picture above look under the black bar that FX-1 Roomworks -11.23. There is a very thin green bar that adjusts the about of signal sent which is also the wet/dryness of the sound. Just move that bar to the right to increase the send level and the perceived wetness.

  2. Thankz for the reply. but, thare is another question,how many plugin can use its wet and dry to mix voice?

  3. thank you so much, I swear this has been the simplest explanation; all of the tutorial videos just chat crap for 5 minutes before doing anything and then don’t even explain what they’re doing. You sir (or madam) are a gentleman (or woman) and a scholar.

  4. Thanks for the trick

  5. Thanks for explanation, greatly appreciated. One question: i have 2 reverb on FX channel tracks affecting different tracks on my mix. When i create Group channels and turn down the volume on the Group i hear the reverb of the Fx channel. why doesnt it lower Everything? It seems impossible to mix combining FX channel as sends and Group channels in this sense. Its driving me crazy…..

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