Drop by Drop Podcast

March 19, 2014

Drop by Drop Podcast Link

Hey everyone.  I just wanted to share a podcast I have spend many hours co-producing.  It’s called the Drop by Drop Podcast and it features stories of passionate people that are making a difference in the world, enhanced by music and sound design.  I have included a short description below from the site.  It would be awesome if you went over and checked out the site or subscribed on iTunes.  I’ll include a link to that below as well.  Thanks!


Drop by Drop Podcast tells the stories of incredible people who are pursuing their passions. Each episode has a theme, usually centered around a social cause or a unique perspective. We hope to expand the awareness of our listeners and inspire them to  facilitate change in their own lives and the lives of others…drop by drop.
Passion. Purpose. Productivity.

Our values

Passion: Interviewing people who really love what they do – and work hard to keep doing what they love, because it’s not always easy.

Purpose: Empowering listeners to bring about positive change in their lives and the lives of others by raising awareness of social issues and profound concepts.

Productivity: Inspiring creativity, leadership, and community involvement.



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